Appearance shouldn’t be factor for Yosemite jobs

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Yosemite — ahhh fresh air, waterfalls, beauty, natural life at its best. These are words that come to mind when thinking of this gorgeous national park. But who runs it? Yosemite does not hire men with long hair, dreadlocks, or a “non-professional appearance” Dreadlocks are associated with numerous different religions and lifestyles as is long hair, and woman with dreadlocks. Tattoos are also not welcomed, beards longer than 1 inch are also a non-professional appearance, (also no Amish or Rastafarian employees), no mustaches below the lower lip, the list really does go on and on. After a recent visit to Yosemite, I also witnessed a large percentage of Caucasian people, just enough “other” to be a legitimate workplace. Conform to their rules, conform to their discriminative and harmful work environment, a place of pure and natural beauty being run like a Nazi camp. People and life should never be judged on appearance, religion, nor sex. Individuality is what makes the world go round. Phillip Sweetland Sacramento