Apply rules across board

Reader Input
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The political cartoon in the July 4 issue of the Auburn Journal captures the upset of the community about the 10 dwellings per acre Orchard at Penryn development, but isn’t clear why.
The community is not anti-development, but is upset about development that violates the rules adopted by the county. The Horseshoe Bar Penryn Community Plan (the controlling document for development in the area) is very clear there is to be no high-density development, with the exception of the pre-existing mobile home park on Auburn-Folsom road.
The plan specifically defines high-density as anything with four or more dwellings per acre, including where the 150 apartment Orchard is proposed.
The county zoning ordinance states the community plan rules when there is a conflict with what the zoning allows, yet the county staff continues to use zoning as the “trumping” factor. Two high-density developments have already been allowed in violation of the plan; no wonder feelings run so strong against the Orchard.
People in the Penryn/Loomis communities are required to follow the “rules” and we insist that the county and developers do the same! Please read the plan and see how clearly it is being violated by these projects.
Gordon Robbins, Penryn