ARD Board Member Gordon Ainsleigh responds

Reader Input online
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I find it interesting that, in Joan Anderson’s Friday letter, what she found so abhorrent about my Thursday letter criticizing ARD Board members Smith & Holbrook was that I publicized verifiable truths about their conduct on the Board. I guess she thought I was supposed to keep quiet about their breaking faith with the public that elected them. Sorry. I look upon my loyalty to the voters as a sacred trust, dwarfing obedience to any malfunctional concept of board-member conduct that would shield from public view the members of a power elite who snow the voters at election time, and do anything they please once elected. I guess Smith & Holbrook thought that, with no reporters present at our meetings and, often, no one in the audience, the voters would never find out that their trust was being betrayed by these two elected “representatives”. Unlike my critics, I find it appalling and intolerable that Smith & Holbrook consistently go against the will of the People demonstrated in 2 ARD surveys and 2 County surveys showing that the #1 desire of ARD residents is for trails, greenways and open space. I am simply giving the voter-taxpayer the knowledge they need upon which to base saying ”NO” to the Smith-Holbrook ever-expanding, money-wasting “paved, mowed & built” vision of our parks. Gordon Ainsleigh, Meadow Vista