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ARD must learn not to spend frivolously

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I had hopes that Auburn Recreation District administrator Kahl Muscott, would take pause and reconsider spending so much of taxpayers’ hard-earned money, considering that there were several ways to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on the locker rooms and lifeguard building remodel. This all reminds me of the AIG bailout on a smaller level. Mr. Muscott and the ARD board have the power to save the people huge amounts of money and be able to do other good for the people with what’s left, and instead they choose to spend frivolously. Many of us are struggling, and could really have used that money back in our pockets if ARD was just going to waste it. I want ARD to quit following wasteful Standard Operation Policies and instead do what is right for all the people. Let’s start at the grassroots level to change old policies for the better. I doubt that Mr. Muscott and the board of directors would have spent that money so casually if it had all come out of their own pockets.  ARD paying an architect to do a building inspector’s job is an insult to taxpayers. The people want their money back! Barbara Harvey Meadow Vista