ARD mustn’t lose Holbrook

Reader Input
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I typically try to avoid involving myself with local politics, but when I see such a concentrated effort to dishonor such a wonderful person as Scott Holbrook, it is difficult to remain silent. The iniquitous attacks on the Auburn Recreation District board of directors members, Scott Holbrook and Curt Smith, by fellow board member, Gordon Ainsleigh, are mind-boggling. I suspect, as an individual, Dr. Ainsleigh is a decent man. He has brought up some thought-provoking and interesting points while serving as an ARD board member (although apparently his behavior while presenting his ideas is sometimes ludicrously eccentric). While one may not agree with him, it is hard not to appreciate his passion for what he believes in and his sentiments, but to put down his fellow board members when they don’t go along with his ideas is childish, single-minded and unprofessional — not to mention unproductive. Scott Holbrook is a hard-working, caring and fair-minded person who is very passionate about the Auburn Recreation District. He has accomplished much in his tenure on the board. He is not an opponent of trails, as Mr. Ainsleigh would have us believe. Scott would like it all — new parks, new facilities, improved existing facilities, improved ballfields, trails and new events for the City of Auburn. However, with funding limited, priorities must be set and decisions made that are not exclusionary. Scott Holbrook realizes this and it is reflected in the way he votes on items brought before him at ARD. Please vote for Scott Holbrook for the ARD board. The District cannot afford to lose him. For the other seat on the ARD Board, Curt Smith is a good choice — his record speaks for itself. Cindy Herb, Newcastle