Are we a car or a community?

Reader Input
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I won’t use a citizen’s name in a letter as I feel that is a shabby approach. I will, however, make mention of anyone who is at the wheel of control. To the major premise of the problem: recently there was a letter that equated our area and what should take place to that of (go) forward or reverse. What is this, an automobile or a community? That misguided attempt to sway or convince all that moving ahead was the thing to do was just plain B.S. I have to ask the person a few questions. If they moved here from an area that had all the big box pleasantries, why did they? And if they are long-timers here and want all the fuss, confusion, noise, traffic, pollution, and crime, then San Francisco, Sacramento or L.A. is the place for them. If we were to go in reverse or stay in neutral instead of fast forward that would be great and what the majority in the area really wants. A question for that person in overdrive is: Do you live in the immediate area in question? Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn