Are we people or sheeple?

Reader Input
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The government plan to take over health care and eliminate private health insurance as it is currently proposed will result in California having the fourth highest tax rate in the United States at 56.58 percent. This is comprised of a maximum state tax of 10.3 percent, federal tax rate of 39.6 percent, new surtax for health insurance 5.4 percent and Medicare tax of 2.9 percent. This is not a tax system. It is outright theft by the government from the producers of this country. Even God is satisfied with 10 percent. With confiscatory tax rates like these the underground economy will become a growth industry and high income individuals will find ways to reduce their incomes. It is unfortunate that the government schools have so dumbed down the education system that the sheeple of this country are not outraged by this. Then again, with less than half of the adult population paying taxes it is not a problem since most people do not have a dog in the hunt. Carl E. Hass, Rocklin