Area Democrats are desperate

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Pat Snelling’s recent letter (Reader Input online, Oct. 4) attacking Tom McClintock tells us a lot about the desperate tactics of local Democrats. Snelling says that McClintock gets “most” of his money from “lobbyist(s), financial advisors and big energy.” This is utterly untrue. In fact, according to, 92 percent of Congressman McClintock’s campaign contributions come from individual donors — the third highest percentage of individual donors and the fifth highest percentage of small donors in the entire House of Representatives. But while only eight percent of McClintock’s contributions come from PACs, Snelling seems to have no problems with the fact that PACs are funding 45 percent of his Democrat opponent’s campaign. Snelling also falsely alleges that McClintock hasn’t scheduled any time in the district, when in fact he has been here almost every week since he took office, including an unprecedented 22 town hall forums and over 250 local events. McClintock has also hosted 19 live conference calls that any constituent can join during Congressional sessions — an open-government reform that his Democrat opponent has attacked. If our local Democrat Party wants to understand why they have lost so much credibility here over the last few years, the best place to look is the mirror. Jon Huey, Roseville, McClintock for Congress, Campaign Manager