Arena sadly outdated

Reader Input
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It seems like whenever I hear discussion of the new sports and entertainment complex, the only name I hear is Maloof, and that they should be the principle financiers of the project. On a good year, the (Sacramento) Kings occupy their home arena maybe 50 nights a year. This leaves 300-plus nights available annually for other events. All of the naysayers out there need to get it through their heads this is not just for the Kings, but also for concerts, conventions, the circus, ice shows, religious events, Monster Jams, WWE, the list goes on and on. May as well mention the jobs and tax revenues such a project would generate. Old ARCO (now Power Balance Pavilion) is an obsolete outdated dump that has outlived its usefulness. Yes, for a time the NCAA held early round regionals at ARCO, but then announced that because of the inadequacies of the facility, they would head elsewhere. Like the NCAA, it appears as if the Maloofs will be heading south and I can’t say I blame them. Seems sad that the capitol of the seventh largest economy on the planet can’t find a way to get this done. Phil Jackson and the Lakers were right — Cowtown! Chuck McKinney, Auburn