Arizona is doing a noble thing

Reader Input
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Three cheers for Arizona; no, 10 cheers! They passed a law there Friday. It’s what our federal government should have done many, many years ago. But the country is in a sad state. The corporations own all of our politicians. Not one has presented a bill to close our borders. Immigration as it is today would put an end to our American culture. Our forefathers came here from foreign countries. They eagerly learned English. But then our government bends over backward. They print income tax, phone bills, etc. in four or five foreign languages, which is costing our government millions of dollars. Also giving away our Social Security to people that never have paid into it. You can’t call it racial profiling if they are not Americans. (This is) not to mention all the crime they commit, costing taxpayers millions of dollars for the trials and lawyers. If our borders were properly regulated, we wouldn’t have this problem. I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the point. A concerned citizen. John R. Murphy, Foresthill