Article comes across as silly

Reader Input
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I am baffled by a disjointed front-page article on Aug. 24 by Gus Thomson (“McClintock, Uppal clash on Israel, Iran saber-rattling”).
Where exactly are the Auburn Journal and Congressional wannabe (Jack) Uppal going with this? Do they mean to imply that McClintock’s 40-year support for Israel was somehow the product of a privately financed trip in 2009?
Does Uppal seriously believe that members of Congress should not meet with world leaders? Are they trying to link some yahoo who went skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee with Congressman McClintock?
What does the Club for Growth – a national organization devoted to free enterprise – have to do with an article about the Middle East, and why is it unusual that it would invite a nationally recognized leader on free enterprise to address its annual conference?
I know this is the campaign silly season, but … really?
J. Dale Debber, Granite Bay