Arts education vital to students

Reader Input
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As an art educator I am very saddened that STAR testing is pushing the arts out of school because schools are choosing to replace art classes with intervention classes. When you cannot provide classes that motivate students to attend school (i.e. art and music), the system isn’t working. In my school district students who are not scoring high enough on the STAR test in math will now be forced to take an intervention class (i.e. an extra math class if their STAR tests were low in math) and will not be allowed to have an elective class of art or music. So often, I have students that do not excel in math or language arts, however, they do excel in art. Now what they excel in will be taken away. I guarantee you we will have more behavioral problems and students who drop out of school because of the limited exposure to the arts. We are now focusing on teaching students “how to take tests” and ignoring the more important quality of developing creative, independent thinkers. Peggy Depue, Greenwood