Asbury a prime ARD candidate

Reader Input
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I’m writing to support the candidacy of Chris Asbury for Auburn Recreation District director. Chris has been amazingly devoted to recreation in Auburn for many years through his prominent role as both a coach and board member for the Auburn Youth Soccer Club. He has demonstrated outstanding leadership and community skills through his soccer efforts, and has his priorities in the right place when it comes to recreation in Auburn. Chris’s campaign platform emphasizes “equality” — accommodating all factions in a peaceful and fair manner when it comes to recreation spending and facility use. In times of tight economic conditions and devastating budget cuts, we need the common-sense, business-minded approach that Chris promises in his campaign and his public service record. We must prioritize recreation spending for the greatest good of the community, implement equitable pay-for-use policies to avoid splintering factions and contention among community members of diverse recreational interests. A vote for Chris Asbury on the November ballot for ARD board assures you of an honest, hard-working, common-sense public servant representing your interests, and your neighbors’, on the Auburn Recreation District. Brad Kearns, Auburn