Ask the Mechanic: What does my vehicle’s engine timing belt do?

By: Russell Michener, Gold Rush Subaru
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The purpose of an engine timing belt is to turn both the crankshaft and the camshafts at the same time in relationship with each other. It is very important that the timing belt alignment is correct, or an engine missfire can occur, which may lead to a check engine light appearing. Most manufacturers recommend the engine timing belt to be replaced at 60,000 miles or 105,000 miles, depending on model year. Timing belts don’t give any warning prior to breaking. When the belt does brake, the vehicle will need to be towed to a shop for repairs. That is why it’s imperative to follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer. They put those belt-changing intervals on there just for that reason. Russell Michener is a service consultant for Gold Rush Subaru at 670 Highway 49 in Auburn, he can be reached at (530) 885-4019. ---------- Have a question? Have questions about common maintenance for our local mechanics? Send us your queries by e-mail to: Mail them to: Gold Country Motoring C/O Andrew DiLuccia 1030 High Street Auburn CA, 95604 Call us at: (530) 852-0245 Or fax to: (530) 887-1231