Aspiring teen star rising to top of online charts

13-year-old played impromptu with Doobie Brothers
By: Ally Rondoni Journal Correspondent
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This week’s Fast Fridays will be featuring a fast rising local star, Madison Hudson. She will be singing the national anthem, signing pictures and debuting her single that has been rapidly rising on online charts. Madison, 13, whose father is a Placer County Sheriff’s detective, recently debuted her first single, “Tommy,” on the online music board “Tommy” has reached No. 11 on the country charts out of 56,250 singles on the site, and No. 3 on the pop country charts out of 5,872 singles in that category. “I like using the Internet (to promote my music) because my friends and family can go online to listen, and give me feedback which makes me better.” Madison said. “I’m really happy (my music is high on the charts). I want to stay in the top five in country pop and I’m going to work my hardest to stay there.” Madison, an incoming freshman to Wheatland High School, says balance is key between school and her passion for music. “I do my homework and focus on school when I have to, and when I have free time I sing and practice,” Madison said. “I really want to have my own recording soundtrack, and I really want to be a famous singer.” After some impromptu singing onstage last Friday with the Doobie Brothers at Thunder Valley Casino, that dream may be becoming a reality for Madison. “One of my dad’s friends brought me backstage, and then I got pulled on stage and I got to sing with the Doobie Brothers. I had a ton of fun doing it,” Madison said. “Part of my dream came true, singing for so many people.” Madison’s father, Jim Hudson, a Placer County Sheriff’s detective, said that he’s very happy for Madison. “It was a big thrill for her to sing in front of 6,000 people (at the Doobie Brother’s concert),” Hudson said. Madison hopes that more exposure, like the kind she received last week and is going to receive this Friday, will help her reach her goals. “I’m sort of nervous, but I’m also really excited,” she said of performing at Fast Fridays. Madison is currently working on recording a new song with her mentor and voice coach Amy Ayres whose husband owns River City Recording in Roseville. Ayres, who has been working with Madison for about a year, says that the young girl has the much-needed “drive” to succeed in the music industry. “She’s very talented, but what stands out the most is her drive,” Ayres said. “I know this is something she really wants, otherwise I wouldn’t work with her. I have made it a priority to make time for her because she is so dedicated.” Ayres says that Madison learns very quickly. “I always think after I assign her something new to learn I have time before I need to come up with something else to teach her, but then it always turns out she’s learned the material and is ready to move on to new stuff,” Ayres explained. “You can tell she isn’t the kid whose parent has to remind her to practice.” Madison, who is recording another song with Ayres at River City Recording, is already looking to the next step on her path to music success. “I really want to release an album at some point, but I know it’s a lot of work. I will be extremely happy if I reach that point,” Madison said. Hudson said that while he isn’t overly worried for Madison’s career of choice, he is protective. “As a dad I’m very protective, but at the same time we have to support our kids. If this is something she wants to do, I’ll support her. She’s doing a great job,” Hudson said Hudson continued saying, “that’s what a Dad does, supports their kids, and tries to make their dreams come true.” Madison, a Taylor Swift fan, said she is going to keep pushing herself the next four years in high school. “I know high school is very hard, but I know if I keep myself singing I will have something to look forward to after school and in my spare time,” Madison said. “I think staying focused will help me head in the right direction.”