Assessing solar installation right call

Reader Input
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The Assessor’s decision to enroll the taxable portion of Supervisor (Kirk) Uhler’s former employer, Solar Power Inc., of Roseville, is a correct action (Journal, Aug. 20). The issue facing we citizens is how the contract was awarded to Uhler’s company without a formal bidding process, no issuance of building permits, no state-mandated cost-benefit analysis, no environmental impact study, and no mention of potential disturbance of a Native American historical site. The possessory interest land tax is minor when one takes a larger view of this picture. The subsequent transfer of ownership of this facility subjects the entire solar array to full property taxation. I believe there is fraud involved. Will Assessor Spears pursue this matter with the District Attorney? Supervisor Uhler’s former employer terminated his employment after these facts became known. Supervisor Weygandt’s family owns common stock in the same company. There are certainly large numbers of questions yet to be answered that supersede just the minimal property tax issue. I believe they appointed Kristen Spears as temporary Assessor in a vain attempt to continue this cover-up. Now, step back and look closely at the big picture of likely backroom dealing in the award of the energy contract. Ask Uhler and Weygandt how all this occurred. Publish their excuses. Chris Beckman, Auburn