AT&T violates neighbor policy

Reader Input
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AT&T is the only cell phone company that has ever had a cell tower installation appealed to the City Council. Every other cell company provides service to their Auburn customers without upsetting any neighborhood to the point of opposition. How do they do it? Well, for instance, Sprint rents the tall left-field light tower that turns night to day for evening games at James Field in Recreation Park. The neighbors don’t protest because there are no neighbors, and most park users don’t even notice that the light tower is also a cell tower. (ARD still has the center and right field light towers that would happily be rented to any cell provider. And the rent would support your parks.) But while the other cell phone providers have a “Good Neighbor” policy, AT&T does not. AT&T prefers to steamroller a neighborhood by sweet-talking everybody who doesn’t live there into supporting their neighbor-abusing tower. The proposed tower location isn’t the only perfect location on Borland Avenue. AT&T wants their tower right there, flush against residences, because that landowner lives in Oregon, won’t have to look at the fake tree tower, won’t experience any negative health effects at all, and is therefore quite willing. It’s just a check in the mail. The question is: Shall we turn our backs on all the “good neighbor” cell companies who serve Auburn so harmoniously, and give competitive advantage to the behemoth corporate bully that steps on all the little people in its way? Gordon Ainsleigh, ARD board director, Meadow Vista