Attitude a big step backward

Reader Input
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Assuming that Dale Smith’s recent letter (Reader Input, Oct. 19) was not a joke, he worries that intellectuals are ruining our culture by promoting “affirmative action, multiculturalism, feminism, radical sex education and political correctness.” So, taking his advice, we should reverse course and be blessed with: white males running almost everything (like they did in the good-old days); a monoculture in which everybody looks alike, dresses alike and dines alike (primarily on meat and potatoes); minorities that are not allowed in colleges or professional sports, and the only role for blacks in the military is to wait on whites or do menial labor; women are returned to their true role as baby factories and servants to men, with a leash just long enough to allow movement between the kitchen, nursery and bedroom; young adults remain delightfully ignorant about sex, birth control and prevention of STDs; and dominant white males would again enjoy the freedom to spout racist, sexist, homophobic and otherwise hateful opinions. And this would be a big improvement? Thanks a bunch for those Neanderthal insights, Dale. David Kinghorn, Shingle Springs