Attorney lining his pockets

Reader Input
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Well, once again Scott Johnson has been busy hitting up our Placer County businesses (Weimar Country Store struggles to stay open,” Journal, March 22). I am outraged on how this guy can use the ADA law to line his pockets. In some cases he does not even go in to the business. He will send in someone that is able to walk in and do all his dirty work and report back to him. Then uses the ADA law to sue. If the business cannot afford to comply, he will settle (pocket the money), and go away. Is history repeating itself? (If you give me money I will protect you and your business). Isn’t that what Mr. Johnson is doing? There needs to be a law or something passed where one person cannot profit from suing under the ADA law. I agree with compliance of ADA law but not how Scott Johnson is going about it. I feel for all of the businesses who are struggling to stay afloat only to get hit by this man and in some cases have to close. This is wrong! Something needs to change. Jolie Greene, Foresthill