Auburn’s calendar Bad Boys ordered to cover up

By: Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer
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Auburn’s Bad Boys calendar crew is being given orders to cover up. The possibility of implied nudity in a comical calendar featuring some notable Auburn residents has been replaced with rules released by the Auburn Recreation District that forbid anything close to showing some excess flesh. “There will be absolutely no pictures in which anyone is depicted in a pose that shows nudity, semi-nudity or an illusion of nudity,” the recreation district and Director Jim Ferris are saying. The statement comes in a week that saw Auburn City Manager Bob Richardson and former City Councilman Bob Snyder decide to drop out, stating they felt they had been misled. Both had been identified by Ferris as calendar participants and decided to bow out after statements made by the recreation district director that the “Full Bounty of Placer County-Bad Boys of Auburn” calendar was open to both photos of clothed subjects and tasteful, less-clothed poses that would cover any private parts with objects that reflected their interests or hobbies. But the decision to doff any clothes would be up to the men, Ferris said in an interview for the story. “I can’t say what anyone is going to do,” Ferris said at the time. Both Richardson and Snyder said they were told the calendar would give them a chance to show individual hobbies. Richardson stated that he was told it would focus on unique hobbies people wouldn’t necessarily know about and the “Bad Boys” theme was never mentioned. In an e-mail obtained by the Journal sent to district Administrator Kahl Muscott, Snyder said he initially declined when first approached with the idea of posing without clothing. But he accepted weeks later when Ferris stated the calendar would be nothing like that, he said. “I feel duped by Jim and disappointed in ARD for giving him such free rein,” Snyder said. Ferris said he takes personal responsibility for any concern or confusion caused by the Journal article. “The purpose remains as stated originally to all participants, to depict our men in a manner that reflects – hopefully in an amusing manner—upon a personal hobby, avocation or passion,” Ferris said. The word of the nudity or apparent-nudity ban was greeted with a chuckle by Ferris’s fellow recreation district Director Gordy Ainsleigh. Ainsleigh is one of 13 Bad Boys calendar subjects. Others include Auburn Councilman Mike Holmes, Sheriff Ed Bonner, Supervisor Jim Holmes and Auburn jeweler Harvey Roper. “Jim told me to wear shorts down to my knees but I refused,” Ainsleigh said. “I’m going to wear regular running shorts because my legs are my best part. There never was going to be any nudity. But I think it’s kind of cute that there’s now a ban on apparent nudity.” Ainsleigh said he’ll be showing his quads in the photo but hasn’t decided whether to wear shorts with a tuxedo – his wife’s suggestion – or go for some drama by recreating a bike crash in May that saw him pitched into a Meadow Vista canal and almost drowning. Uncertain if the ban means he’ll have to wear a shirt in the photo, Ainsleigh said that he may paint a fake shirt on. “It reminds me of the Mussolini era in Italy when a boxer would win in America the picture they would have in Italy would paint a tank top on because it was forbidden to show male breasts,” Ainsleigh said. Auburn City Councilman Bill Kirby was having his photo shot Friday. He was fully clothed in chaps reflecting his love for motorcycles, a Placer High T-shirt to show his work as team physician, and holding a musket to indicate his love of old guns. “I was up for anything,” Kirby said, noting a past picture that showed him wearing a tie with condoms on it. “Good Lord, people see people in swimming suits all the time.” Kirby said a prudish fringe element in the community and Auburn Journal bloggers with no sense of humor seemed to have spurred a move to direct Bad Boys participants away from exposing any skin. “We have a lot of prudish, uptight people,” Kirby said. “I didn’t really care.” Scott Holbrook, another district director, said he felt Ferris jumped in a little early on the calendar without district approval. Money raised will help pay for playground improvements. “It was a good idea to raise money but I understand people’s concerns,” Holbrook said. “I certainly wouldn’t want to offend anybody.” The “Bad Boys of Placer County” calendar comes out in September. Holbrook said he won’t be among the people lining up to buy one. “I’d buy the “Bad Women of Auburn” calendar, maybe,” he said.