Auburn’s Forsberg ranked sixth in USA

Sprint car driver has 103 career first-place finishes
By: Matthew Kimel, Journal sports editor
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When the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame recently released its rankings for the 2012 360 Sprint Car “Driver of the Year,” Andy Forsberg was caught off-guard. 
“I was surprised,” said the Auburn native Forsberg, who was ranked sixth in the country behind five national drivers. “I though I’d crack top 10. My name popped up sooner than I anticipated when I scrolled through the list. If you can be top 10, that’s the goal for every year.”
The voting panel for the hall of fame consists of media members, promoters, sanctioning officials and manufacturers across the U.S.
Forsberg was glad that they took notice of what he’s accomplished, considering he doesn’t travel across the country, making it harder to get recognition. 
Forsberg won 12 main events last season, and now has 103 career first-place finishes.
“Twelve is a pretty good accomplishment,” said Forsberg, who has cracked the top-20 list in past seasons, including a sixth-place finish in 2006. “Most would give anything for that, but not nearly enough for me. I want to win all the time.”
The top five drivers he finished behind were American Sprint Car Series champion Jason Johnson of Louisiana, Wayne Johnson of Oklahoma, two-time “Driver of the Year” Shane Stewart of Oklahoma, Brady Bacon of Oklahoma, and United Sprint Car Series champion and 2002 “Driver of the Year” Tim Crawley of Arkansas.
In addition to Forsberg being ranked as a driver, the Sacramento-based F&F X1 team which he drives for was also nominated for National 360 “Team of the Year.” 
Forsberg and the F&F X1 claimed their second consecutive Placerville Track Championship and second consecutive California Civil War title as well.
Currently the F&F Racing team and Forsberg Racing are preparing cars for the upcoming Northern California Sprint Car season beginning in March. 
 “I’m excited for the season to come back around,” said Forsberg, who last raced in October. “The first two or three weeks you sit and regroup. ... The first couple of weeks are nice, but after a few weeks your ready to start it all over again.”
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