Auburn’s sewers leaking, seeping and cracking

Your Views
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If anyone is paying a sewer bill instead of relying on a septic system, take heed. This is more of not being able to see the big picture and misinformation being put out. People like Jim Cather of Loomis (Your Views, April 17), are under the illusion that because they are on a city sewer system, they have no leakage/seepage that could get into wells, drinking water or groundwater. Most city sewer systems were built more than 50-100 years ago and are in a shambles and dire need of repair with no money to do it, so the cities turn a blind eye. If you think otherwise I suggest you contact city manager Bob Richardson and ask him about the condition of Auburn’s leaking, seeping, cracking terra-cotta sewer systems. Not to mention the leaks coming from people’s houses to the main system. Surely you know that our city sewer systems are in a shambles with no money now or in the future to repair and upgrade them. If you are really the clean drinking water activist you claim to be you would be demanding that your city sewer folks be included in the inspections because cities are just as or more guilty than anybody. The way to really find out where the leakages are coming from is to include everyone using septic or city sewers. You might think twice when you have to pay maybe the fee or be ordered to dig up your sidewalk, driveway, yard, or maybe cut down your favorite 100-year-old shade tree, which is causing the sewer pipe to leak, crack, or seep. Maybe with everyone participating we will find the real causes of leakage, not just singling out septic owners as villains of drinking water. Richard F. Menkick Auburn