Auburn’s Fit 4 Life promotes fitness from the very core

By: Gloria Young Journal Staff Writer
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Promoting healthy living is a cause for Auburn resident Linda Moeller-Brown.
“I’ve been teaching fitness and nutrition for 31 years,” she said this week.
In October, Moeller-Brown opened Completely Fit 4 Life Pilates studio in Auburn, focusing on the use of reformer equipment, rather than a mat.
“I chose the equipment because, No. 1, it is safer,” she said. “The equipment … puts you into the proper position. Pilates is for lengthening and strengthening the muscles but mostly the core. It is hard for people to engage that core. So the equipment puts you into the position you need to be in without causing injury.”
The method is appropriate for all ages and she offers all levels of classes.
“I have 79-year-old clients,” she said. “I have someone in their 80s. The equipment is very gentle with their body. Then when (it is time for) intermediate or more advanced moves, that’s really cool as well.”
Pilates can replace weight room resistance training, although not heavy weight lifting, and is a complement to running, cycling, tennis and golf “because it works the actual muscles engaged in those sports,” she said.
“We have more than 600 muscles in the body,” she said. “With the equipment, in an hour you can work up to 400 muscles in the body.”
Moeller-Brown began teaching Pilates nine years ago. When she went through a period of illness, she discovered that the impact of Pilates and holistic nutritional eating were the most effective things that worked for her.
“Breathing and stabilizing the core and working the core, eating better and taking better care of myself became a lifestyle and then became a career,” she said.
When she began looking for a spot for her Auburn studio, the Healing Light Center in Downtown seemed a perfect fit.
“There were seven other practitioners and they were all holistic,” she said.
The center offers massage therapy, acupuncture, raiki and chiropractic care, but had no other Pilates or similar program.
Another aspect that drew Moeller-Brown was the Forgotten Soldiers program.
“They were offering free classes to veterans, so I thought it was a great way to pay it forward — a way to give back to society,” she said.
Moeller-Brown and a second instructor, Katie Carnahan, offer classes Monday through Friday as well as specialty programs on the weekends. The classes are organized by fitness level, with individual and group training available. One of the classes is for men 50 years and older.
“It’s getting them more involved in core strengthening and flexibility so they enjoy the same benefits women have,” she said. “I think the men thought Pilates was a little sissy, but now they are seeing it’s not that.”
One of the participants is training for a 10-mile Lake Tahoe swim, another for a 65-mile bike ride and another for playing competitive hockey, she said.
Another sports-specific Pilates class is for young children involved in ice skating, gymnastics or other sports.
One of Moeller-Brown’s students is Meadow Vista resident Shannon Hunter.
“I love it,” she said about the Pilates classes. “I’ve always been in pretty good shape. I work out and run. For me it has been challenging in a different way and it has been the best workout ever. My core strength is so much stronger than it used to be.”
She takes classes three times a week and appreciates Moeller-Brown’s input.
“Linda is very intuitive,” Hunter said. “She really gets to know you on a personal level. She works with you to determine what works best for you and your body structure so you get the best possible workout. She is an amazing lady. She knows how to tweak the exercises for everyone, so we all get the most from it.”
Cost for an initial four group sessions is $90 and includes a free consultation to find out the training level and needs. Cost for continuing training varies, she said.
Moeller-Brown has another Pilates studio in Folsom and operates two Web-based businesses —, which is a Pilates jewelry line; and, a nonprofit that raises money for various causes.
Her favorite part of teaching Pilates is watching the transformation.
“I love encouraging (Pilates participants) to be the best they can be,” she said. “No matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter. You can be fit and healthy.”

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