Auburn’s State Theater singin’ in the rain after roofing project

$205,500 project seals roof, makes building greener
By: Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer
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Downtown Auburn’s historic State Theater had great timing. With a winter-like storm rolling in this week, a project to replace the roof was completed just before the rain started falling. A roof that had been covered over or patched several times over more than 80 years was torn off during the weeks of work and replaced with a new, single-ply “cool roof” system. The new roof has a reflective white surface designed to significantly reduce cooling costs. Ron Ravo, vice president of operations and project manager for theater owner the Auburn Placer Performing Arts Center, said that the $205,500 project utilized local contractors and suppliers as much as possible. “I feel that APPAC and the community have truly gotten a tremendous value for the capital money spent on this re-roofing project,” Ravo said. Ravo said that the re-roofing – like the theater itself – will stand the test of time, with product manufacturer TREMCO’s warrantee covering the roof for a minimum of 20 years. During the re-roofing process, plywood was installed over the original planking to add another level of support and strength to the building’s diaphragm. Areas where the leaking roof had caused dry rot were repaired. Existing skylights were replaced and more skylights were installed, providing more light into the main entranceway. And the theater is preparing for the eventual relocation of all heating, ventilation and air-conditioning units now situated on the ground by reinforcing the roof. Ravo said the roof worked well during its first test, as rain rolled in Monday and off the surface. “We’re very pleased with the way it turned out,” Ravo said. “In the past, we’ve had to just keep patching. The best way was to tear everything out.” The community’s financial support of the Performing Arts Center and the State Theater has resulted in the re-roofing project and the security of knowing that no additional water damage from the roof occurs in the building, Ravo said. “The next phase of the State Theater’s evolutionary process depends on the community’s continued generosity,” Ravo said, adding that people can call the APPAC office at (530) 885-0156 or visit the Website to see how they can help.