Auburn-area residents express Thanksgiving Day thoughts

By: Journal Staff
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John Downs, a home repairman and Newcastle resident, said that it’s been a hard year for a lot of people but there is still plenty to give thanks for in the Auburn area.

“I’m thankful for living here,” Downs said. “Auburn still has that small-town flavor and we have a nice, close community.”

That community manifests itself in the form of greetings among people on the street as they pass each other by, instead of the isolation that seems to come with city living, he said.

“And we have a community of people who take care of each other,” Downs added.


Wendy Reed, known for her good works with Auburn’s Sugar Plump Fairies, said that she’s grateful for health and a community that steps up for events like Thursday’s Community Thanksgiving Dinner.

That gratefulness is something that others who may not be feeling as thankful for could take to heart, said the Sugar Plump Fairy known as “Ladeda.”

“People should do well to be just grateful in general,” Reed said. “Gratitude is a way of living that brings more to your own life.”


Ken Tokutomi, an Auburn accountant and active leader in many community-oriented efforts, has been a kingpin in the Community Thanksgiving Dinner for many years. With the dinner at the top of his thoughts, Tokutomi said that he’s thankful for the community effort coming together to put on the event.

“I’m thankful for living in this great community and for the people who are so generous with their time and money to put on this great event,” Tokutomi said. “I’m thankful that we have good health and that I’m part of a business that allows me to participate to help the community – and we’re successful. Lord willing, we’ll do it again next year.”