Auburn back in the ’80s, the 1880s, that is

Placer County’s second courthouse rolled along
By: ~ Placer County Museums
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This is a photograph taken from the hill that overlooks Auburn from the southwest. On the upper left side of the photograph is a white building with columns.  This building was Placer County’s second courthouse, which was built in 1853. It stood there for 41 years until it was moved about 32 feet to the north to make room for the construction of a new (our current) courthouse. Though on heavy rollers, the courthouse continued to hold court for three more years during construction of its replacement. The following is an excerpt from the May 18, 1894 Sacramento Daily Union:
“The building is being moved back from where it originally stood, and, owing to its being supported on rollers, it appears as if but little would be required to cause it to collapse. At various times during the examination on Wednesday night the building would settle, which would bring the proceedings to a halt until the feeling of insecurity would pass off.”
In 1897, the courthouse was dismantled and a good portion of the lumber was hauled to the County Hospital grounds to help erect a Women’s Ward.