Auburn can use another park

Reader Input
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Regarding Dec. 9th’s Journal article on what Auburnites would want in a park, I think that it would be wonderful to create another park in Auburn. It would give people from all over Auburn a place where they could enjoy the outdoors. I don’t think that you should make it a dog park, however, because there is already a dog park in Auburn. A park should be a peaceful place, where people can walk and relax. I think the thing that I, personally, would want the most in a park would be trails to walk on. Everybody would enjoy having a way to explore our outdoor areas and get exercise at the same time. It’s wonderful that the citizens of Auburn are being given a chance to participate in creating something like this. Their ideas will help make this park wonderful. I think it’s nice that so many meetings are being held, because that will give more than enough people a chance to share their ideas with all of Auburn. MACCLELLAN SANDERS, student, Auburn