Auburn City Council to vote on bargaining transparency

Policy makes initial proposals in labor negotiations public
By: Jon Schultz, Journal Staff Writer
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The Auburn City Council will be reviewing a new transparency in bargaining policy for potential adoption at its meeting Monday.

Currently, the details of contract negotiations are only made public once the deal is finalized, and that comes with a one-year fiscal impact analysis.

Under Mayor Kevin Hanley’s measure, both parties’ initial proposals would be made public along with a cost analysis. Furthermore, once a contract is agreed upon after closed-door negotiations, council can only adopt it after a two-week public review period of the deal’s details with at least a one- and five-year fiscal impact analysis.

Hanley brought the measure before council in December and then city staff was directed to analyze his proposal. Staff will present its findings at this meeting, and then council is set to vote on whether to amend the city’s Employer-Employee Relations Policy accordingly.