Auburn community changed man’s mind with support

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I would like to use your paper to express my appreciation for the community of Auburn. I would also like to say thank you and apologize, too. I relocated to this city 28-29 years ago and found myself questioning my decision to move to the area. You see, I am an African-American male. And coming from Southern California, I had to convince the people here to accept me while also becoming comfortable here myself. I was wrong about this town and the people who live here. For that, I do apologize. I have found that the people of this community are a very caring and supportive group and will stand by you a man, no matter what his nationality may be, who deserves that support. During the last 5-6 months I've been dealing with a very trying and difficult situation. During this period my family and I have received so much support, love, and help from this community that I truly had to give thanks to all who were there for us. It was given for no other reason other than they wanted to help a member of the community and a friend. I now know that I did make the right choice by coming ““ and staying here ““ and raising a family. Again, I say thank you, Auburn, for being there for my family and I. Charles Jergo Auburn