Auburn cyclist shares tips for safe riding

Reader Input
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Regarding the recent articles about cycling in the Auburn community, I’ve been cycling safely in the Auburn area for many years and here are some unwritten rules my cycling friends and I adhere to: • Listen and look for oncoming/following cars • Call out oncoming/following cars to riding partners • Ride as far right as possible (in the bike lane if there is one) • Wear a helmet-mounted or bike-mounted rear view mirror. • Wear high visibility clothing on overcast days • Ride with highly visible tail-light on overcast days • Ride at times of day when there is less traffic • Ride on less traveled roads Hazards we look out for: • Cars that cut across the center line (common on Auburn back roads) • Speeding cars (also common on Auburn back roads) • Glass and debris in bike lane (very common in Auburn bike lanes) • Obstacles in bike lanes • Potholes and cracks in the road • Animals crossing the road Things we cyclists appreciate: • Giving us space when you see obstacles in our path • If you want to tap your horn to let us know you are there, please don’t do it when you are right next to us. Staying car-aware is what keeps us and the cars we share the road with safe. This is becoming increasingly important as Auburn is becoming more and more a cycling community. Craig Stelzner, Auburn