Auburn dam dangers unaddressed

Reader Input
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The Auburn Area Democratic Club discussed the Auburn dam at its monthly meeting on March 3. Dr. Laird Thompson spoke against the proposal due to concerns about earthquake potential due to the weight of 600 vertical feet of water in the dam pushing against the high amount of talc material (the softest known rock), which would require extra engineering to hold the dam stable. The 5.7 reservoir-induced earthquake in Oroville in 1975 stopped the Auburn dam. The U.S. Geological Survey estimated that the water weight of the Auburn dam would cause a 30 percent chance of a reservoir-induced earthquake in the lifetime of the Auburn dam. The dam would have great fluctuations of water levels, killing all vegetation on the steep hillsides, and with the steep hillsides, there is minimal possibilities of the reservoir being usable as a recreational spot. Congressman Tom McClintock was invited repeatedly to attend to discuss the need for the reservoir, but he failed to respond to many requests for his appearance. He failed to attend and address the significant geological concerns of the people. McClintock’s proposal would force citizens to buy earthquake insurance which is not required now. The original cost for the dam estimated in 1965 was $425 million. It is now $6- to $10 billion. McClintock has not addressed how to fund this pork-barrel project of his. Do not support this shortsighted plan of McClintock. JOE MARMAN, Auburn