Auburn economic growth plan on Hanley's brain as he becomes mayor

More sidewalks and becoming a charter city could be on the horizon
By: Interview Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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Editor?s Note: Kevin Hanley shared with the Journal some of the things he?d like to accomplish during his term as mayor of the city of Auburn. Hanley was sworn in as mayor Tuesday evening and Mike Holmes took over as mayor pro-tem. Hanley was elected to the city council in 2002 and is serving his first term as mayor. Q: What are some of your goals for your term as mayor of Auburn? A: ?The three items, regardless of what happens on Measure A, is first, I would work on it to really put out an ambitious, multi-year economic growth plan, which takes advantage of our historical assets and the recreation, with the American River canyon. I want to work with the city manager and the city council to put something out there that we can shoot for, kind of a pathway to improve the jobs and business outlook. I call it the Auburn Advantage because we have so many lifestyle advantages to attract people here. Second, work with the fire safe council and the county fire to do a volunteer wood clearing project, maybe on the border of the city and the county, and remove some wood fuel and establish an even closer relationship with the county on taking care of shared danger of fire. Related to that is making more progress on the American River canyon, with the canyon itself, related to Project Canyon Safe. I want to work with Keith Nesbitt to put kind of a pedestrian master plan together segment by segment. Say the whole Dairy Road area is challenging for people to walk because there is no sidewalk, (we?d) put a plan together for a neighborhood, go out and meet with residents, make sure they are okay with it and implement it. I think we can do a couple of neighborhoods and get that underway.? Q: What additional goals do you have if Measure A does pass? A: ?I kind of have three ideas if Measure A passes. I would immediately work with the fire chief to see if we can kind of streamline our 90-day fire safety ordinance. If we were a charter we?d have more flexibility to streamline it. Second, if Measure A passes, I would like to have our public works department do some outreach to smaller, more local Placer County contractors to see if they could do some sewer repair work in the future, so we wouldn?t have to pay prevailing wage and we wouldn?t have all those paperwork requirements. We have $20 million in sewer repairs over the next six years. The third is to explore with the counsel on whether we can sponsor a Streetscape expansion, do another segment and get a combination of volunteers. If Measure A passes, we would be able to redo some of the sidewalks and maybe save some money that way. There are certain things volunteers can?t do, kind of a combination of paid contractors who are doing the stuff volunteers can?t do and volunteers. It would be interesting to see what we could do there. I am serving my last two years on the city council and I believe that people should, if they get elected to office, get in there, try their best and then leave and let other people step up. We are not indispensible. We give our best ideas and try our best. I? d like to accomplish as much as I can because two years goes by fast, and I am proud I have been able to work with other people in Auburn. Everything is a team sport in Auburn. Individuals can?t do a lot by themselves, but we have so many great community members that can accomplish a lot.? Reach Sara Seyydin at, or follow her on Twitter @AJ_News.