Auburn firm wins federal military contract

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The U.S. government is calling on an Auburn aircraft instrument company to provide portable GPS equipment to aid night vision duties by pilots in the Marine Corps and Army. The $6 million Government Services Administration contract was announced last week.TGH Aviation, which changed its name recently from The Gyro House, has been in business in Auburn since 1972 after moving from San Bernardino. Under the contract, TGH has formed a partnership with GPS maker Garmin and AeroDynamix Inc. to become the only Government Services Administration-approved vendor for portable aviation GPS in the nation. The team will supply Garmin’s portable aviation GMSMAP 696 modified for night-vision-goggle compatibility. The process to secure the contract usually takes two year but the partnership between the Auburn Airport Industrial Park firm and Garmin was able to complete it in six months. “We know the importance of what our troops are doing every day and it is an honor to be able to provide them with products to keep them safe in their daily efforts,” said Allyson Finn, sales and marketing administrator for TGH. – Gus Thomson