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Auburn is a great place and here’s the proof

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A big thank you to all of the nice people in Auburn. The other day on my lunch hour I was running an errand. When I came out, my car would not start. I called my work, Pier 210 Dental, to let them know I would be late. Called CSAA, they told me it would be about 10 minutes. During that time I was outside my car and a patient from our office, “Jeri,” was in the same shopping center and she asked if she could help. Then the Auburn Police Department was patrolling the shopping center. They stopped and asked if they could help. Then a nice man in a business van stopped to see if he could help. By this time CSAA had arrived and towed my car to Auburn Ford. My service adviser Al was waiting for me and had a van to take me back to work, all this in about 40 minutes. Auburn is a great place to work and live. Thank you. Jurhee Shaw Auburn