Auburn harbors poor disabled access

Reader Input
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In regard to the ADA controversy — let me say that I abhor Mr. (Scott) Johnson’s tactics (Journal, July 10). However, if building owners had been compliant in the 20 years since ADA regulations were instituted, Mr. Johnson’s scare tactics would not be necessary to wake people up. I have been disabled for 10 years, and use crutches or a wheelchair. In addition to a lack of access and/or difficult access to businesses, parking is a joke. The handicapped parking at the post office is at the very end of the parking lot. There are no handicap spots on High Street from the Tahoe Club to Central Square. There is only one public street handicapped spot in Old Town — Mr. Johnson was able to scare private parking lot owners into adding spots. Most handicapped don’t complain because it is just one more obstacle to overcome, and so they either don’t complain or they don’t come to town. The City of Auburn is the worst offender, with poorly maintained sidewalks, as well as non-compliant wheelchair ramps. The Chamber of Commerce/City Council find the current regulations unreasonable? Let them use a “manual” wheelchair or use crutches for a day and then decide what is unreasonable. Leslie Heimbichner, Auburn