Auburn has multiple attacking pitbulls

Reader Input
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Regarding Pat Brandhorst’s letter (Reader Input, Oct. 23), the letters expressed by Barbara Winnie and others contain facts, not just opinions, and are not written just to join your “pissing” contest. I, too, have had run-ins with pitbulls in Auburn just this past summer. In both instances the dogs were not on leashes. The first one happened when I was walking my dog, on a leash, in the field next to Miner’s Apartments. Most people do let their dogs run willy-nilly off their leases in that area so when I heard two men coming near me, talking, I just assumed they were dog walkers also and took my dog off the trail, made him sit with our back to the men, as to avoid any eye contact with a dog, should it happen to be there. My dog was attacked by two pitbulls and a brown and gray spotted hunting dog. Fortunately, the men pulled their dogs off of mine and hastily left with a “we’re really sorry.” One of the pitbulls came back for another run at us and only backed off when I screamed at him. I sat there in shock for a few minutes before I could continue my walk. The second instance happened three weeks later, same area, only in the parking lot. I was just about to put my dog in the car when a woman pulled up next to me and let her two young pitbulls run out into the middle of the street off their leashes. My dog wanted to go after them, causing me to trip and injure my ankle. Only after I hollered at her to put her dogs on leashes did she do so. But, I am sure, as soon as she was out of sight up the hill, she turned them loose again. What I find perplexing and interesting about pitbull owners is that no matter how much damage and injury they have caused humans, children and other animals, they are in complete denial about their “sweet” dogs’ behavior. As Judge Joe Brown says, “Pitbulls are psycho dogs.” Karen Donovan, Auburn