Auburn heroes help damsel

Reader Input
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This morning a little old lady driving a little old car (me) set out for a quick run to the grocery store. On Auburn Ravine (Road) heading toward town, I heard rattle, rattle, bang, bang and guessed that I had just lost my muffler. I pulled over to the side and, sure enough, it had dropped half-way off. I wiggled and jiggled it to try to get it the rest of the way off. A gentleman walking his dog came to help me and though he was nicely dressed, he crawled under my car with no hesitation and tried to hook it back up or try to remove it but it was stubborn. Just then another young man came riding up on his white horse (no, it was a gray pickup) and he came back and tried also. Finally with much exchanged intelligent conversation and suggestions and with his handy-dandy “does it all” pocket knife, the muffler was set free and I was on my way. Isn’t it wonderful to live in a town where there are so many willing to stop and help? I thank these two gentlmen very much. I was smiling all day in spite of my troubles. Kathy Latorre, Auburn