Auburn Journal Newsmakers: Eric Peach

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This week Auburn Journal Newsmakers caught up with Protect American River Canyons Board Member Eric Peach to talk about the Spring American River Cleanup, which happened on April 14.

The event had help from PARC and the California State Parks Foundation, Pacific Gas & Electric, State Parks and Recology Auburn-Placer.
We caught up with Peach at the American River Confluence and asked him how the event went, how important cleanup days like these are and a handful of other questions.

Below is the beginning of Peach's answer to our first question. To see the rest, visit and watch our entire interview online.

~ Andrew DiLuccia



How well did the cleanup project go last weekend and how was the turnout?

“Cleanup went just fantastic. We had one of our best turnouts ever. We had over 240 people that volunteered to clean up the canyon. They spread out all over the place.”

Eric Peach, Protect American River Canyons