Auburn Journal Newsmakers: Ken Stuart

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This week Auburn Journal Newsmakers caught up with Placer County Environmental Health Services Interim Director Ken Stuart to talk about the role of his department in caring for the community’s health, and what his staff is doing to help residents of the Glen Oaks Mobile Home Park.

We caught up with Stuart at the Placer County Community Resource Agency Building and asked him about Glen Oaks Mobile Home Park and a handful of other questions.

Below is the beginning of Stuart’s answer to one of our questions. 

~ Andrew DiLuccia

The Journal has done a story on Glen Oaks Mobile Home Park and the living conditions there, and one of the things residents have talked about is their water quality. What has the county been doing to help ensure quality for residents out there?

 “Well, because they are under permit from us, the last couple of years we’ve been working, the property owner has basically replaced the storage tanks (for water). They used to have one and it was a large-size wooden one. They now have a stainless steel type storage tank, which has been a big step ahead. They’ve replaced … I believe the well has been replaced. The bottom line is they are meeting their standards as for water quality. … You also realize is once it (the water) gets up to the trailer and the mobile home and whatever else it is, then we have no real authority.”

~ Ken Stuart, interim director of Placer County Environmental Health Services