Auburn Journal Newsmakers: Scott Liske

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This week Auburn Journal Newsmakers caught up with Auburn State Recreation Area Supervising Ranger Scott Liske to talk about protecting your property, yourself and having a good time in the park.

We caught up with Liske at the Auburn State Recreation Area offices and asked him about crime in the park, tips to stay safe and a handful of other questions.

Below is the beginning of Liske’s answer to our first question. 

~ Andrew DiLuccia

There’s been some reports in the news about vehicle break-ins in the area, in the park specifically. How prevalent has that been in the state recreation area?

“Since December we’ve approximately had 50 auto burglaries and most of these are smashing of a window and then removing items that may or may not be worth anything, but they look like they might be worth something.”

Scott Liske, supervising ranger for the Auburn State Recreation Area