Auburn man in jail for allegedly assaulting girl over five years

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An Auburn man is in custody after being arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a girl over several years. Robert Brandon Lynch, 55, was arrested Wednesday for several felony counts of lewd acts with a child and unlawful intercourse with a minor, according to Detective Adam Cline, with the Auburn Police Department. According to Cline, On Tuesday the girl, who is now an adult, told Auburn Police Officer Ian Ackard that she had allegedly been sexually abused by Lynch over several years. Cline said the woman lived in Auburn for most of her life and the assault allegedly took place between 2004 and 2009. Cline said the woman said she had a couple of reasons for coming to the department now. “A chain of events and just it bothering her after a certain amount of time, and she felt she needed to come forward,” Cline said. Cline said the woman no longer lives in Auburn. The department gathered evidence through witness statements and Cline and Ackard contacted Lynch on Wednesday to get his statements about what happened, Cline said. For now the department doesn’t know if there are other victims, according to Cline. “Not at this time,” he said. “If it goes out in the news, maybe we will get something back. All the people that we have talked to so far … we talked about their children, they said he didn’t do anything around them. But we are still looking into that to see if there are any more.” Cline declined to comment on what Lynch’s profession is, but said he doesn’t work with children. Cline said the witnesses in the case know Lynch, the family and Lynch’s alleged victim. Lynch is currently in custody in Placer County Jail with a $500,000 bail. Anyone with additional information about the case is encouraged to contact Cline at (530) 823-4237, ext. 238. ~Bridget Jones