Auburn Montessori pre-schoolers help protect vaquitas

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The Auburn Discovery Montessori School prekindergar-ten/kindergarten class taught by Susan Stoll and assistant Haley Hobbs has been learning about cetaceans, which include whales, dolphins and porpoises. When the students found out that the most endangered marine mammal is the vaquita, also known as the California Harbor Porpoise, they wanted to help, so they earned money to adopt two vaquitas through Save the Whales.

“They all figured out chores to do at home,” to raise the money, Stoll said. “Some of them would help with yard work and some would wash dishes, things like that.”

Save the Whales uses the money earned to help educate fishermen about safer netting practices and, with the help of GPS navigation, how to avoid pods of vaquitas when fishing. It is estimated that there are only 200 vaquitas left in the wild. For information, visit