Auburn needs birth center

Reader Input
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I, too, am so disappointed in the administrators of Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital. Thank you, Peter Newman (“Let us rally in support of birth center,” Reader Input, May 6), for so eloquently stating what so many of us are thinking about the decision this hospital administration has come to with regards to closing the Family Birthing Center here in Auburn. As a 27-year resident of Auburn, I gave birth to our two daughters at that hospital, and am so proud that their birth city is this town that we have lived in and loved for so long. What a shame it would be for future families to not be able to have their children born here because of this short-sighted decision. What a shame for them to not have the convenience of a local hospital to meet their birthing needs. Yes, the demographics have changed somewhat over the years, but they continue to change in any city, and I have no doubt that the birth rate could be on the upswing; that is, if people aren’t chased away because of a decrease in services provided. I would like to encourage the administration to please listen to those of us who care about this city and want to preserve this wonderful part of our local hospital. Please re-think this decision that is really out-of-character and out-of-touch with the needs of our community. Holly Dolkas, Auburn