Auburn needs a city charter

Reader Input
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In response to “Charter makes it way to election ballot,” Journal, Sept. 13, I find it interesting that the story decided to give voice to one person who opposes the charter but declined to use the public comment opportunity to voice her opposition. In addition, the article did not make it clear why Ms. (Victoria) Connolly opposes the charter if in fact she does. The Auburn Journal would be well advised to try to present the voice of the community as opposed to some poorly composed article that supposedly raises controversy. To those people who contend that the charter is the answer to a problem that does not exist, please refer to the Aug. 26 editorial about the California Legislature meddling in local labor issues and the Aug. 11 editorial regarding the legislature’s proposed Displaced Janitor Opportunity Act. The California State Legislature cannot deal with its own problems but it takes great liberty in meddling in local affairs. I am much more comfortable allowing my local elected officials to deal with city and county issues than I am with allowing the State Legislature to make decisions for us. In my opinion, the city charter is one of the most important issues that has come before the voters in the 31 years that I have lived in the city of Auburn. I encourage all voters to study the issue and to vote in favor of the city charter. Barbara Jicha, Auburn