Auburn needs home rule

Reader Input
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At the very well-run League of Women Voters debate (May 3), Kevin Hanley asked Todd Stenhouse (a self-proclaimed Auburn resident of three weeks) and Hank Gonzalez to sign a pledge to not accept any special interest money from Sacramento lobbyists. Both Bob Snyder and Kevin Hanley signed the pledge on behalf of the Yes on Measure A campaign. Both Stenhouse and Gonzalez refused to. Of course, why would they want to give back the $25,000 (the campaign has) already received from this out-of-town group? Mr. Stenhouse also said during the debate that he ?does not work? for the California Alliance for Jobs Inc., the lobbyist group of big corporations and big unions. Then why was he paid $5,300 by them through March, according to campaign forms submitted to the city clerk?s office? Sounds like work to me! Ask yourself why? Follow the money?. Vote yes on Measure A. We need home tule now more than ever. Cheryl Maki, Auburn