Auburn needs more gardens

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I think there should be more community vegetable gardens in Auburn because it turns spare land into production. Plants also consume carbon dioxide, and produce oxygen, so it improves air quality in the area. There are other ways they help. When I ride to school, there are very large lots that have nothing but grass. If those lots were turned into big vegetable gardens, then it would provide healthy food for the community. Anyone could come and tend to the plants for a little while, and then take some vegetables home to make a salad or something. In my opinion, freshly picked veggies taste much better than ones that have been left overnight in the fridge. What’s great about community gardens is that it doesn’t become only one person’s responsibility and only one person benefiting from it. Instead, the responsibility is distributed throughout the community, and everyone benefits from it. I think that community gardens are the best way to go, but having a private veggie garden is better than not having one at all. The unfortunate thing about this is that if you have a full-time job, or just can’t find a way to devote time to gardening, then a private garden can be very stressful, and a community one would prove to be a better choice. My hope is to get community vegetable gardens in Auburn so that people can eat healthier, live happier and get more involved in making Auburn a better place. HEATHER MacROBERTS, student, Auburn