Auburn is not Vernon

Reader Input
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Incredibly, Hank Gonzalez said in the League of Women Voters debate (May 3), that he doesn?t want to compare Auburn to the corrupt cities of Bell and Vernon. He certainly stated in the taxpayer-financed Ballot ?Argument against Measure A,? the ?Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Measure A,? in a column that he says he wrote in the Auburn Journal on April 6, and in the Sacramento lobbyist-funded mailer sent to Auburn residents last weekend, that Auburn will become like Bell and Vernon One has to have a very low opinion of Auburn voters to compare us to the City of Bell, a city of 38,000, in which a corrupt city council conspired to hold a spot election solely to raise their pay. Three-hundred thirty-six voted for it, less than 1 percent of all voters. That can?t happen in Auburn because the charter guarantees that all future elections follow the state Elections Code, exactly as now. Vernon has 90 residents, all of them city employees and live in city-subsidized housing. They didn?t hold a contested election for 20 years. It is disgusting to compare Auburn with these crooks in Los Angeles County. April Hidalgo, Auburn