Auburn not your trash heap

Reader Input
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Re: “Dumping trash in Auburn,” (Journal, Feb. 3), I can’t believe the amount of litter and trashing in Auburn. People think it’s OK just to throw unwanted items on the side of the road, or under a bridge. If your junk can’t make size regulations, then cut it down and find a way to fit it in the trash can. Also, if the police catch you dumping you should get a ticket or even go to jail. Other people should not have to suffer with dirty roads and messy sidewalks because people don’t deal with their trash. People say it’s too expensive to go to the dump, but either you pay or the environment pays or you pay. Trash like mattresses can’t be cut down very easily, so pay the extra money and take it to the dump, or get together with a neighbor and split the cost. You could also put the item in the paper or online if it is in good condition. I am sure people would buy it if they are on a tight budget. So let’s all work together to stop trashing Auburn! BROOKE VINCENT, student, Auburn