Auburn pit bull mix saves the day as owner attacked by … pit bulls

By: Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer
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Auburn’s Stacie Julian is giving her dog Hunter some extra love this week after the pooch fended off an attack by two pit bulls. The irony of the attack Wednesday is that Hunter is also part Staffordshire terrier, mixed with German shepherd. Julian, was knocked down, hit her head and blacked out, and suffered a bloody knee in the attack. But there were no “good dogs” or ”bad dogs” in the incident – just a bad owner who didn’t confine the two attacking pit bulls, Julian said. “It was complete irresponsibility,” Julian said. The dogs had been inside an SUV parked near Lincoln Way and Russell Road. Julian said the window was two-thirds of the way down and as she passed, one pit bull jumped out and the other – a lot heavier – was struggling to get through the opening. “The dog came at me and Hunter put himself between me and the other dog,” she said. “He’s been getting breakfast, lunch and dinner since then and really deserves a commendation.” While Julian was down on the ground, she thinks she must have kicked or punched at the attacking canine. She watched the owners collect the two dogs and take off in a two-tone SUV without stopping to help or ask how she was doing. Auburn Police Capt. John Ruffcorn confirmed that Julian reported an attack at about 7 p.m. Wednesday. Police searched for the vehicle but were unable to locate one that matched the description, he said. Julian was unable to give a license-plate number, he said. Julian said she feels like she was in a train wreck but is thankful that Hunter came to her aid. Hunter had already saved her another time from a striking rattlesnake, she said. She’s now leery about taking walks in the Downtown Auburn area where she lives. In 8½ years with Hunter, she’s never been attacked before, Julian said. “I don’t blame the dogs,” she said. “I blame the owners for being irresponsible.”