Auburn pound lacking charm

Reader Input
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The Auburn pound is in need of help. The people of the pound do their best to take care of the animals in need. For example, on the first day at the pound, all animals are given medical care, such as shots. The people of the pound spay and neuter the animals to avoid unwanted reproduction. All of this kind of care is great, but there are things that need to be changed. When someone walks through the door, most everything is a neutral color. I think that the pound should be full of color and brightness. That would provide a cheerier environment for those in the pound. In the dog areas they have very small spaces to move around. I think that hopeful pet owners should see that the dogs have the option to go outside. There is so little space in the building. The cats can barely turn around. The corridors are small and the dogs are put in a small cage for the majority of the day. The county needs to fund the pound better. The citizens of the county should help in whatever way possible to care for our lost animals. I am not trying to put the animal shelter down. I am trying to raise awareness as to the condition of our local pound. HALLE GREBE, student, Auburn